Shunju Woven Carbon Fiber


Jiangsu Shunju Woven Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.

The company is a scientific and technological enterprise engaged in the weaving, development, and development of various high-performance fibers. The company mainly uses carbon fiber, aramid fiber, glass fiber, and other special polymer materials as raw materials for weaving and composite production units.

The company has a strong technical force, with advanced professional equipment and production technology in China. Its products are mainly targeted at a wide range of civilian markets, such as: automotive components, pressure vessels, hulls, sports equipment, textile equipment, medical equipment, advanced audio (sound basin) accessories, friction and sealing materials, etc. Its products include: carbon fiber cloth, aramid cloth, mixed woven cloth, glass fiber, polyethylene cloth, polypropylene fiber pre oxidation cloth, spinning and spraying (upper) adhesive tape Advanced decorative cloth, chopped carbon fiber, chopped aramid fiber, carbon fiber paper, large tow carbon fiber, carbon powder, carbon particles, etc.


Company Culture


Corporate Vision

Become a leader in the carbon fiber industry


Corporate Mission

Continue to create greater value for customers


Corporate Purpose

Think for customers, be strong for the enterprise, be rich for employees, and survive for society


Core Values

Integration of personality, enterprise quality, and product quality


Management Idea

Think about progress, change, development, innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence